Racaza Battlecomp Belt

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  • Made to order within 2-3 weeks window
    The most rigid belt system on the market that can do it all
  • Battlecomp belt comes with: rigid inner belt, rigid outer belt, and one wrap belt keeper with patch
  • Made in the USA by Howitzer MFG
  • 1.5" belt works with many pouch attachments: UAB Clips (recommend Duty UAB clip size), Tek-Lok, Malice Clips, and many standard competition magazine pouch plates
  • Works with many standard competition holster mounting options: BSPS Boss, Double Alpha, Ghost, CR Speed, Henning Group, etc.
  • Works with Safariland QLS. Recommend using True North Concepts Modular Holster adapter aluminum plate for very secure and rigid QLS holster platform
  • Due to belt thickness some longer screws may be needed to attach certain gear
  • These belts do not follow normal pants sizing. Refer to sizing chart to find proper size

*Due to the rigid nature of these belts they are not intended to bend flat during travel

Howitzer® Battlecomp Belts

The Battlecomp Belt Was Designed to Offer Shooters With a Belt That Can Transition Between Tactical and Competition Allowing the User to Ditch the Need for a Leg Strap Which is Not Allowed in Uspsa Competition.

This Streamlined and Lightweight Two-piece Belt is Worn and Tested by Howitzer’s Prostaff Team.

To Get a Lightning Fast and Accurate Draw From Your Holster Without a Leg Strap Requires a Very Rigid Belt to Eliminate Outward Flexing From Your Holster.

Each Belt Comes With a One Wrap Belt Keeper to Maintain the Velcro Adhesion. The Belt Can Be Worn With Velcro Overlap Closure at the Wearers Front, Rear, or Side.

Closing the Velcro Belt at the Rear Will Allow Magazine Pouches to Attach Closer to the Front of the Shooter for a More Competition Set-up. Closing the Velcro Belt at Your Front Will Allow the Shooter to Attach More Accessory Pouches at the Back of the Belt Such as Med Kits and Dump Pouches for a More Traditional Battle Belt Set-up.

If You're Looking for One Belt That Can Do It All the Battlecomp Belt is for You.