Project Blue Lion is free firearms training for active-duty law enforcement. The project was founded by Howitzer Clothing in partnership with Wishes For Warriors, a veteran run, volunteer operated non-profit 501(c)(3).

Howitzer donates proceeds to fund high level training and education to the LEO community via its pro-staff of firearms instructors. The project directly supports these heroes with free training in order to better protect themselves and our communities.

Achilles Heel Tactical LLC. is a veteran / law enforcement owned and operated firearms training & consulting company. Our mission is to provide our customers with essential training and education needed to exploit opportunity.

At Achilles Heel Tactical, we will exceed in delivering an expanding variety of outstanding training that will serve you overseas, at the range, in your profession, or at home. We are committed to providing customers with individual or group training in a variety of offered courses.

With us, newcomers will gain knowledge and tactics through our wide spread experience and skilled shooters can hone their skills in a safe and competitive environment.

Patrons will be equipped with numerous options to suit their life long goals and help them in their occupations, or just the day to day surprises of life. Together, you "The People" can help us grow to support the effort in training smarter shooters, and live life how every American should. Free.

First Defense offers firearms training that is designed to deliver a knowledge-based understanding of the core shooting fundamentals and principles.

We teach advanced techniques that all levels of shooters can adapt to, both on the square range and under a high level of stress during a life threatening situation.

Students will learn how to become safer and more efficient while providing a high level of Speed, Accuracy & Consistency.

We do our best to offer classes on a regular basis throughout the month and we also offer the ability to book private training sessions.

Help us continue the project...#projectbluelion

Your donation to Wishes for Warriors will go directly to Project Blue Lion and will help pay for FREE training for an active duty LEO.