the howitzer culture

We are an american company with over 20+ years of expertise in design and clothing manufacturing. our mission is to provide premium clothing highlighted by original designs of the highest quality, with a brand mission to provide charitable donations to the american heroes we respect.

product design

The Howitzer Team only releases products that we are proud of by always striving to make better designed and higher quality garments. all of our products are proudly designed in the usa by our team of american patriots. we meticulously hand draw each unique piece of art and we take great pride in ensuring our artwork is industry leading.

our passion for the garments we make is our driving force to continuously innovate our products. we source the finest materials and techniques that seamlessly integrate into your patriotic lifestyle. we continue to sharpen our skills through constant feedback from our team of ambassadors, operators, and patriots in the field. Their continued testing of our durability, quality, and design help us ensure we are making a garment worth purchasing.

Customer Satisfaction

customer satisfaction is key to our business and we strive to build lifelong fans. howitzer is grateful for the opportunity through our customers support to show respect and honor to the brave american heroes that selflessly sacrifice for us all!

united we stand, divided we fall.