The Special Forces (SF) Reverence  Collection is a tribute to the first ever Special Operations Forces unit within the United States Armed Forces, the regiment designed to Liberate the Oppressed, and the premier unconventional warfare element… The United States Army Special Forces, aka The Green Berets. Since 1952, the warriors of SF have been tasked with solving our nation’s most complex problems and have done so with Precision, Tenacity, and Valor. The Green Berets have quietly been at the tip of the spear and leading from the front throughout every major conflict since their genesis in WW2. They selflessly handle the dirty work which keeps our nation one of freedom and do so without the expectation or need for praise. Howitzer has teamed up with Nick “Machine” Lavery to pay tribute to this distinct unit of the U.S. military. Each Design within the SF Reverence collection has been hand illustrated to represent a particular skill set, section, or history of the Special Forces. Strength and Honor. De Oppresso Liber.